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[A sort of catch all, standing post for the five people living in the apartment, in case it's needed for whatever reason!]


Timing is hilarious.

So I promised a fic and then my internet went out long enough for me to write it and then figure it wasn't coming back on tonight. But, it did, and a promise is a promise, so...

here.Collapse )
[Well, finals are still going, insomnia and exam stress is still at an all-time high, and, oh yeah. Someone made a bet with Alex that he couldn't get them back for scaring him earlier in the week. As she is about to find out, making such boasts at men who work out plans to a terrifying degree is a bad idea.]

[Yue, you might notice the mail is still jammed in the door, but the door itself is unlocked. Wouldn't that imply it's been opened from the inside?]
[So. Alex had a pleasant little conversation with a completely broken little girl about dead siblings. It went about as well as expected, but at least unlike the other resident long-haired prettyboy chess-master Persona user, he didn't flip out and try to beat her death or something.]

[Now he is just sitting here. Petting a cat. Staring out the window. Totally not brooding, why would you think that.]
[So. For those just tuning in, Alex did not spend his weekday nights as he often prefers to, with friends and his fiance. Instead, he spent it kidnapped by some nutjob on a horse with swords. Said nutjob didn't manage to kill him, but, he got pretty damn close.]

[It's 6AM. The sun's coming up over Raitou. School starts in a couple hours. The world is probably stirring awake, albeit begrudgingly this close to the weekend. And as for Yue, there is the sudden and distinct presence she is not alone in her apartment, even if the door was not tampered with.]


[Monday | 10 May 2011 | Late Night]

[Well, after being rushed to the hospital by paramedics, only to find that despite being the victim of a "hit-and-run", Alejandro only sustained a large number of shallow lacerations and a minor concussion, he's been released to go back home.]

[Of course, rather than call his friends, he takes a cab. No use alerting people. This would be him trying his damnedest to get the apartment door open silently, slip in, and lock up quietly behind him.]

[Saturday | 24 April 2011 | Evening]

[Parks give away to planned metropolis, and eventually the familiar sights of the mall. And in particular, they're going for a very familiar karaoke bar. Why? Spur of the moment, it seems. But, that doesn't appear to be enough to detract them from that. They've paid for a couple hours, and that's not going to stop them.]

So, Yue. Do you want the first song, or should I?


[Saturday | 17 April 2011 | Evening]

[Well, Yue and Alejandro have finally escaped the Underside, and, with them deposited back somewhere near his apartment complex and with Yue having a nine milimeter slug in her shoulder, it only made sense for them to head back to somewhere private.]

[He still hasn't said something in the interim silence, though.]

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[IC] Fliers

[All fliers around town are small, black pieces of heavy stock paper, with the words written in silver font. At the bottom are small tear-able tabs with the streaming URL on them. Italics denote western alphabet.]

La Hora Osucridad
Industrial, EBM, and Aggrotech
with your host, DJ Lamentador!
Monday + Wednesday, 2300 - 0100
Streaming across [URL goes here]
Sponsored by Subservient Records